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Imagine Sleepless in Seattle if Meg Ryan were replaced with, say, Windows Vista.But the conceit is just the tip of the iceberg: it’s a gorgeous, insinuating mood piece about the predicament we’re all in, spending more time with our web-enabled devices than with our loved ones.He works at a company called Beautiful Handwritten Letters.com, where he sits at a desk and dictates personal ghostwritten letters for busy clients that appear on his screen in their own writing. “It’s helping us connect and preventing us from connecting.Nothing about the company’s mission seems challenging or even pioneering, one of several subtle reminders that this is not (yet? “I think technology is doing so many things to us,” writer/director Spike Jonze told the L. I think that’s the setting for the movie.” Indeed it is. A man, a woman, another man, and his operating system. Films about the future tend to say more about the present.Her name is Samantha, and she peeks out of a device in the protagonist’s shirt pocket in one of several could-you-believe-it scenes in “Her,” the stunning near-future romance that asks some of the most nuanced, important questions I’ve seen in film about our relationship with technology. A man falls in love with an operating system that loves him back? In our world of digital communities, online dating and on-the-go quips to hundreds of “friends” and “followers,” “Her” poses a challenge: Would connection be any less significant if it happened with something other than a person?

But something went wrong in this married life so, they decided to dissolve their married life in 2007.When Theodore steps outside we catch glimpses of his urban universe.Streets and subways of people who stand together but talk to their devices. Theodore pops in an ear piece to read email, scan the news and stay organized.Soon after being divorce with her first husband, she then got married with Luke Stedman.He is the professional surfer from Australia and he has also won several individuals from his surfing career. Soon after getting divorced with him, she began dating Alex O' Loughlin.

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He leaves his beautiful, glum wife alone in a hotel, preoccupied with work and a blonde Cameron Diaz clone played by Anna Faris.