Updating flash on ipod touch Sexchatbangalore

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Updating flash on ipod touch

We all have or know of someone who has an i Pod with a dead hard drive.Of course you can simply buy another drive but you're back to the same power-hungry, failure-prone, fragile rotating media. Sure a hard drive can hold all 30,000 of your songs, but even a 4GB card can hold over 24 hours of music - I usually change out songs often enough that I don't need to carry 20 Gig of songs at all times.In recent months, 13-inch Retina Mac Book Pro owners have been complaining of a bug that causes Safari to completely freeze up, requiring a full system restart.Apple addressed the problem in a new support document that was released on Friday.I know that it is possible to use Virtual Box or Wine, but still in the most of the times i Tunes doesn't want to work on Wine and for Virtual Box I need to install again that Windows from which I switched into Ubuntu just a few months ago and don't want to go back to it.What do Linux users who have i Pod Touch(i Phone) do in this case?

I need to update firmware of my i Pod Touch (i Phone) in Ubuntu and as I have jailbroken i Pod Touch I need i Tunes to install apps, but unfortunately haven't found any ways to do that in Ubuntu yet.You should probably re-title this as something along the lines of ' How to update i Pod firmware from Ubuntu' as your title is subjective for the most part and not really to the point of your question The reason is that Wine lacks a handler for Windows USB device drivers, and the i Pod acts as a custom USB device.This is the same reason that software that requires a special key dongle also doesn't (yet) work in Wine.Basically you can update your i Pod touch i OS manually or automatically. It will take a few hours and several minutes depending on the speed of your internet broadband.

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