Quality dating tips

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Quality dating tips

We all know men are visual, so it is imperative that your online dating profile pictures are inviting to men.

They should be clear, current (ideally taken in the past 3 months), and authentically look like you.

Women have the advantage when it comes to online dating.

This doesn’t mean however women are off the hook in putting forth effort to draw men in.

Your profile should NOT be a written as if it were a Harlequin romance novel nor should it be a laundry list of must haves or have-nots. You have a millisecond to grab their attention, so you need to make it count.

One key to successful dating online is to understand that quality is more important than quantity.

Give them 3 great pictures; a head shot, mid body shot and a full body shot.

In truth, there are 4 crucial qualities you should be looking for in a high-quality man: 1.

They are often concerned with a list of qualities and accomplishments that are watered down and often shallow.

When I ask them what they’re looking for, they start listing a bunch of adjectives that most of us want; loving, giving, handsome, successful, kind, tall, etc.

To oversimplify what I mean, let’s take coffee for example. Only use current photos in your profile: One of the most common complaints I hear from men is that women frequently misrepresent themselves in their photos by using old photos (sometimes decades old) or by cropping them in too tightly so you don’t realize they are of a certain body type.

Most people can agree they don’t like scalding hot coffee, but it’s tough to get people to agree on how they do like their coffee. Obviously men do this as well; I’ve just heard this complaint more frequently from men than from women.

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But if we all want the same thing, why can’t we find it?