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Default file contain the following lines: HOSTNAME: "fuel" ADMIN_NETWORK: interface: "eth0" May be we can change defaults to "nailgun" and "enp0s3" ?) specification describes a standardized client-server environment that boots a software assembly, retrieved from a network, on PXE-enabled clients.The PXE server in the installer is not able to use an external package source - all packages have to be present on the boot media.There is no fun with a PXE server if you do not have PXE clients that use it to boot from so that you can install Slackware on them!You may add to this list, but you need to modify the script in that case.If you currently have a DHCP server on your subnet then specify your intended PXE boot server as the "next-server" in your DHCP config.

One of the first attempts in this regard was the Bootstrap Loading using TFTP standard RFC 906, published in 1984, which established the 1981 published Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) standard RFC 783 to be used as the standard file transfer protocol for bootstrap loading.You will see a prompt that says: key gives you two choices: continue with netbooting, or fallback to boot-up from the local hard disk.Or if you don’t do anything at all (takes 2 seconds only) your network card will start looking for a PXE server and the communication starts.This can be witnessed on the PXE server’s screen: What happens next should all look pretty familiar: the Slackware welcome screen will appear and you can either press ” have default values already filled-in! Setting up a VM to test a feature for a service is something I do regularly.

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It was followed shortly after by the Bootstrap Protocol standard RFC 951 (BOOTP), published in 1985, which allowed a disk-less client machine to discover its own IP address, the address of a TFTP server, and the name of an NBP to be loaded into memory and executed.

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