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These Standards supplant the previous ABA Criminal Justice Standards on the Legal Status of Prisoners and, in addition, new Standard 23-6.15 supplants Standards 7-10.2 and 7-10.5 through 7-10.9 of the ABA Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards.

The “black letter” Standards and accompanying commentary have been published in “ABA Standards for Criminal Justice: Treatment of Prisoners,” Third Edition © 2011, American Bar Association. To go to a particular “black letter” Standard (without commentary), click on the relevant Standard in the Table of Contents, below.

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In a prison, the chief executive officer is the person usually termed the warden; in a jail, the chief executive officer might be a sheriff, or might have a title such as superintendent, jailer, or commander.(Once you have clicked on one “black letter” Standard, you can scroll up or down for others).For information about ordering the publication, please visit the Standards Ordering Information page.(l) The term “counsel” means retained or prospectively retained attorneys, or others sponsored by an attorney such as paralegals, investigators, and law students.(m) The term “effective notice” means notice in a language understood by the prisoner who receives the notice; if that prisoner is unable to read, effective notice requires correctional staff to read and explain the relevant information, using an interpreter if necessary.(n) The term “health care” means the diagnosis and treatment of medical, dental, and mental health problems.(o) The term “long-term segregated housing” means segregated housing that is expected to extend or does extend for a period of time exceeding 30 days.(p) The term “qualified health care professional” means physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, qualified mental health professionals, and others who by virtue of their education, credentials, and experience are permitted by law to evaluate and provide health care to patients.(q) The term “qualified mental health professional” means psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurses, or others who by virtue of their education, credentials, and experience are permitted by law to evaluate and provide mental health care to patients.(r) The term “segregated housing” means housing of a prisoner in conditions characterized by substantial isolation from other prisoners, whether pursuant to disciplinary, administrative, or classification action.START ROBOT//ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANY AND TRAINING INSTITUTE @ 3.5 LAKHS AND EARN EARN Rs 50,000 TO 150,000, LOW INVESTMENT HIGH RETURNS, INVEST IN PRACTICAL EDUCATION PROJECT, A New Concept of Education, WE HAVE STARTED AMERICA/JAPAN EDUCATION SYSTEM IN INDIA, GET A FRANCHISEE OF PRACTICAL EDUCATION AND ROBOTICS INSTITUTE, IAR- INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED ROBOTICS, SEARCHING FOR FRANCHISEE PARTNER ALL OVER INDIA, .

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The term includes the chief executive officer’s emergency designee, if, for example, the chief executive officer is away or ill and has turned over command authority for a period of time.(b) The term “correctional administrator” means an individual with responsibility for system-wide operations and management.(c) The term “correctional agency” means an agency that operates correctional facilities for a jurisdiction or jurisdictions and sets system-wide policies or procedures, along with that agency’s decision-makers.(d) The term “correctional authorities” means all correctional staff, officials, and administrators.e) The term “correctional facility” means any place of adult criminal detention, including a prison, jail, or other facility operated by or on behalf of a correctional or law enforcement agency, without regard to whether such a facility is publicly or privately owned or operated.