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Bzzz dating

Ok, picture this, you're on a blind date and it just ain't happenin'. ) Don't you wish you could just push a button and make em disappear? Each one appeared behind a heart-shaped screen and telling everyone about themselves, but they couldn't see through it.

And now, the host of your show, (Why that would be) ME! A bachelor/bachelorette who is dubbed "The Bzzer" was shown four members of the opposite sex.

was more of a fast-paced version of The Dating Game.

Plant yourself peacefully at the picnic table or in one of the flowered chintz lounges and watch the magical mountain waters roll by.

Once the introductions were done, The Bzzer decided who to eliminate but not completely.

Then The Bzzer & host Annie went over to a table where The Bzzer would talk to the remaining three contestants for two minutes.

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I’ve had a few relationships that only consisted of text messages.

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