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I'm sorry I'm not writing anything new, but feel free to enjoy the stories I've already written! K plus because I'm paranoid."The boys all knew how solidly Logan always took things to heart.Thanks for sticking by me, you guys are amazing, I love you all "I'm going to make you mine right here on the f-ing couch, Logan," the boy rasps, his breath coming out heavy and hot against the skin. And now just the fact that Gustavo's harsh 'criticism' was keeping Logan up and stressed at night, broke Carlos' heart." A Cargan drabble for my awesome friend, Cheeky Brunette : DCarlos is the skater dude no one likes. Kendall is the captain of the hockey team and James best friend. What happens when they all have detention together? Looks like Kelly Wainwright and Logan Mitchell had more in common than the thought.Lucy is trying to keep from her parents from finding out that she came to L. to become a rock star (Lucy's brother dyed his hair and became a drummer for a rock band and they sent him to miltary school).Kendall decides to help her by gonig on a double date with Lucy, and keeps trying to hide any signs that Lucy is a rocker.The series premiered with an hour-long pilot episode, "Big Time Audition", on Nickelodeon, on November 28, 2009.

Kendall and Jo's relationship is introduced in Big Time Love Song when Jo moves to the Palm Woods.

Anything could happen when you are at war but Stephanie never thought that it would happen to Carlos. For the record, I never, not once, ever lied to you about any of this. R&RCarlos&Stephanie have been in love for too long.

RXRBut the thing that made James do a double take was not the man's face, but his body.

Carlos and Jennifer (3) are on a date, Katie and James team up and attack a waiter to try to help Carlos so he doesn't ruin his date with Jennifer by James becoming their waiter.

Carlos uncovers his disguise and makes him leave by throwing him on a table and pushing him away.

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Eventually, Lucy's wig flies off and she is forced to admit that she is a rock star and Kendall tells her parents that they should accept her for who she is.